Jay-Z Success / MagnaCarta / July 4 / Half-time Commercial NBA Finals 2013 Game 5

On June 16, 2013 during the Gam 5 NBA Finals between The San Antonio Spurs and The Miam Heat…

Jay-Z just dropped a super long commercial for his new album.


I believe the album is going to be titled Magna Carta  #MagnaCarta Holy Grail.  It’s suppose to drop release on July 4, 2013.  The video is super energetic with Rick Ruben, Timbaland, Pharell, Swizz Beats and Hov himself. This album looks, feels, and sounds like it’s going to be BANANAS. 


In the commercial JayZ is describing that the album is going to be about how success people are suppose to navigate through success.


Whether you are Jay-Z rapping on the biggest stages in the world or you’re a stay at home mom or you work from home  how do you get success within those areas and STAY successful and healthy.


Healthy:  Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Finacially!!!


That is the question.


I work from home and I desire to be super successful at it but, not just for me and my family.  I want my success to be somewhat of a symbol of the energy and excitement that Jay-Z and all those producers had in that #MagnaCartaHolyGrail commercial for Samsung….As I give to the Church,  The Poor, The widows,  The Homeless,  The Fatherless.


I want my success to be a blessing not only to me but, to those around me.


Where I don’t have to play Robin Hood and steal from the rich.


But, I can be “THE RICH” and freely give to the poor.




View Commercial Below: