30 Seconds to Mars Lead Singer | Jared Leto | wins best Supporting Oscar 2014 | Dallas Buyers Club

Very few people can pull off being really good at more than one thing.  That doesn’t make them less memorable, important, or valuable.  But, you do notice when someone can do more than one thing exceptionally well.

Jared Leto is that guy.

His Voice as the lead singer is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal.  He can scream on pitch, and get as soft as a melodious whisper.

It’s so awesome to see him be rewarded for his EXCELLENCE in his craft as an Actor.  Jared Leto is one of the few actors that I actually think “ACTS.”  I love Leornardo De Caprio but, in the past 5 years (except for DJango) he looks the same in all of his movies.  But, Jared Leto completely transforms for his roles.  


You have to be able to work from home to this dedicated to your goals, dreams, talent, and passions.

I first got hip to Jared when he appeared in Requiem of a Dream.

After watching that movie all I could say was … “WOW… who is this cat?”

Congratulations Jared…

You are truly a treasure to American Cinema.

Thank you for not taking the money and running.