Redbox dropped the ball…Guardians of The Galaxy Not Available at most Kiosk on Release Day BUT, You can get a promo code to compensate

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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was supposed to be released at Redbox Kiosk for rental.

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014… Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was supposed to be released at Redbox Kiosk for rental.

Guardians was clearly one of the most highly anticipated DVD releases.

That fact that Redbox wasn’t prepared to capitalize and satisfy it’s customers and fan base is baffling.

I investigated the situation and found here where you can sign up for a promo code.

Nothing super life changing but For, me that softened the disappointment because I get to rent it at a discount OR for free now…YAY!!!

I’m a dad of 4 children.

We didn’t get to make it to the theatre to see Guardians of The Galaxy.

I don’t believe in supporting BOOTLEG movies (In my city people make a living selling them).

So, we waited patiently for it’s Redbox release.

Well… Other family movies that Redbox has that my children and I are interested in are:


Here are some of the comments movie lovers like you and I said…

“Where did it go? I saw that it was available for today’s rental earlier in the week and then just like that “poof,” it’s gone. Strange very strange indeed. Maybe I’ll call and complain and rent it for free later. I love Redbox. New price isn’t too unreasonable I guess.”

“i think every one that comments that they can’t find this movie should get a free credit…i have been searching for 45 minutes for this movie at it says not in my zip or anything close by”  <<<<=== this comment got deleted by Redbox because it recommend that people get a FREE CREDIT or Promotional code in other words…LOL SEE the screen shot below

“Here’s what I wrote earlier this evening “NO Availability of this in DVD or Blu-Ray at Redbox. It’s happened before, recently, and it is getting OLD VERY FAST!! Disappointed, AGAIN!!” Apparently you can’t review same movie twice. Did actually find in my zip, 85706 after MUCH effort on the site!!”

“They sometimes do not get enough movies from the distributor. Or the distributor changes the release date to RedBox.”

Guardians of The Galaxy

Get your Redbox promo code (promotional code) here at that way buy the time they do get it and make it available at their kiosk you can save money on it.

I also noticed that Redbox went up on their rental prices… 😦

I watched the video after the fact and it explained it but, I was initially shocked when I was standing in front of the kiosk a few weeks back.

Watch the video at the link above, signup for your promo code, and cheat the system LEGALLY…LOL

Hope this encourages you guys.

Sincerely…A proud daddy,

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30 Seconds to Mars Lead Singer | Jared Leto | wins best Supporting Oscar 2014 | Dallas Buyers Club

Very few people can pull off being really good at more than one thing.  That doesn’t make them less memorable, important, or valuable.  But, you do notice when someone can do more than one thing exceptionally well.

Jared Leto is that guy.

His Voice as the lead singer is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal.  He can scream on pitch, and get as soft as a melodious whisper.

It’s so awesome to see him be rewarded for his EXCELLENCE in his craft as an Actor.  Jared Leto is one of the few actors that I actually think “ACTS.”  I love Leornardo De Caprio but, in the past 5 years (except for DJango) he looks the same in all of his movies.  But, Jared Leto completely transforms for his roles.  


You have to be able to work from home to this dedicated to your goals, dreams, talent, and passions.

I first got hip to Jared when he appeared in Requiem of a Dream.

After watching that movie all I could say was … “WOW… who is this cat?”

Congratulations Jared…

You are truly a treasure to American Cinema.

Thank you for not taking the money and running.


Jay-Z Success / MagnaCarta / July 4 / Half-time Commercial NBA Finals 2013 Game 5

On June 16, 2013 during the Gam 5 NBA Finals between The San Antonio Spurs and The Miam Heat…

Jay-Z just dropped a super long commercial for his new album.


I believe the album is going to be titled Magna Carta  #MagnaCarta Holy Grail.  It’s suppose to drop release on July 4, 2013.  The video is super energetic with Rick Ruben, Timbaland, Pharell, Swizz Beats and Hov himself. This album looks, feels, and sounds like it’s going to be BANANAS. 


In the commercial JayZ is describing that the album is going to be about how success people are suppose to navigate through success.


Whether you are Jay-Z rapping on the biggest stages in the world or you’re a stay at home mom or you work from home  how do you get success within those areas and STAY successful and healthy.


Healthy:  Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Finacially!!!


That is the question.


I work from home and I desire to be super successful at it but, not just for me and my family.  I want my success to be somewhat of a symbol of the energy and excitement that Jay-Z and all those producers had in that #MagnaCartaHolyGrail commercial for Samsung….As I give to the Church,  The Poor, The widows,  The Homeless,  The Fatherless.


I want my success to be a blessing not only to me but, to those around me.


Where I don’t have to play Robin Hood and steal from the rich.


But, I can be “THE RICH” and freely give to the poor.


View Commercial Below:

Rapper Chris Kelly of KRISS KROSS Passes Away at age 34 (Mac Daddy)

The year was 1992 and KRISS KROSS was on The Box (do you remember The Box???) with their lead single produced by Jermaine Dupri entitled “JUMP”. I was late on the info that this group even existed. It wasn’t until I heard the conversation of this girl I liked when she said, “I like Mac Daddy.”

See I was in 7th grade in middle school and I was very much a hormonal heterosexuality boy. Trying to empress the girl. So, I went home to find out a little more about this “Mac Daddy.” Well, I cut the T.V. on to the box (in my house we had a knob that you had to turn all the way to channel 54…LOL) and there I saw Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith doing their thing in the snow with backwards Baseball Jerseys and backwards Levi jeans.

The Box was a station where viewers had to pay to play the video they wanted to see and booooyyyy where people requesting that video all day long for months. Needless to say I got educated but, I didn’t get the girl.

It’s said that Mac Daddy is no longer with us as of May 1st, 2013. The investigation as to what exactly cause his death at age 34 is still underway.

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly will be missed. I never read or heard of any GARBAGE about him in the mainstream media. No drugs. No sex tapes. No bankruptcy. No lawsuits.

Now I work from home and every once and while I get on spotify and pull up some oldies but, goodies from KRISS KROSS like Jump, Warm It Up, The BOMB, or I missed the Bus. Those where the days…I was 12 years old and full of testosterone. But, it was a wholesome time in my life.

If you would like to work from home and make some extra cash every week now that you aren’t 12 years old any many…GET IN for more info.

Here’s an old video interview of from 1999:

KRISS KROSS Totally KROSSED Out in 1992

Work From Home

USA is beautiful.  There are absolutely so many amazing opportunities to be something or somebody amazing in this life.  This blog isn’t about being a self centered person or celebrity it’s about Work From Home.  In refection of working from home, I’m reminded that the United States of America is the only place that I see greatly highlighted for providing such a stage to be successful.  To me that’s absolutely amazing. amazing. amazing.  There are people in third world countries that aren’t making a living riding skateboards, writing novels about teenage vampire love, or snow boarding.  But, My Lovely Pay Day is proving such great opportunity in the long HISTORY that the US has established of helping the Average Joe make a substantial living doing what they love.  I love work from home.