Redbox dropped the ball…Guardians of The Galaxy Not Available at most Kiosk on Release Day BUT, You can get a promo code to compensate

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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was supposed to be released at Redbox Kiosk for rental.

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014… Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was supposed to be released at Redbox Kiosk for rental.

Guardians was clearly one of the most highly anticipated DVD releases.

That fact that Redbox wasn’t prepared to capitalize and satisfy it’s customers and fan base is baffling.

I investigated the situation and found here where you can sign up for a promo code.

Nothing super life changing but For, me that softened the disappointment because I get to rent it at a discount OR for free now…YAY!!!

I’m a dad of 4 children.

We didn’t get to make it to the theatre to see Guardians of The Galaxy.

I don’t believe in supporting BOOTLEG movies (In my city people make a living selling them).

So, we waited patiently for it’s Redbox release.

Well… Other family movies that Redbox has that my children and I are interested in are:


Here are some of the comments movie lovers like you and I said…

“Where did it go? I saw that it was available for today’s rental earlier in the week and then just like that “poof,” it’s gone. Strange very strange indeed. Maybe I’ll call and complain and rent it for free later. I love Redbox. New price isn’t too unreasonable I guess.”

“i think every one that comments that they can’t find this movie should get a free credit…i have been searching for 45 minutes for this movie at it says not in my zip or anything close by”  <<<<=== this comment got deleted by Redbox because it recommend that people get a FREE CREDIT or Promotional code in other words…LOL SEE the screen shot below

“Here’s what I wrote earlier this evening “NO Availability of this in DVD or Blu-Ray at Redbox. It’s happened before, recently, and it is getting OLD VERY FAST!! Disappointed, AGAIN!!” Apparently you can’t review same movie twice. Did actually find in my zip, 85706 after MUCH effort on the site!!”

“They sometimes do not get enough movies from the distributor. Or the distributor changes the release date to RedBox.”

Guardians of The Galaxy

Get your Redbox promo code (promotional code) here at that way buy the time they do get it and make it available at their kiosk you can save money on it.

I also noticed that Redbox went up on their rental prices… 😦

I watched the video after the fact and it explained it but, I was initially shocked when I was standing in front of the kiosk a few weeks back.

Watch the video at the link above, signup for your promo code, and cheat the system LEGALLY…LOL

Hope this encourages you guys.

Sincerely…A proud daddy,

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