Rapper Chris Kelly of KRISS KROSS Passes Away at age 34 (Mac Daddy)

The year was 1992 and KRISS KROSS was on The Box (do you remember The Box???) with their lead single produced by Jermaine Dupri entitled “JUMP”. I was late on the info that this group even existed. It wasn’t until I heard the conversation of this girl I liked when she said, “I like Mac Daddy.”

See I was in 7th grade in middle school and I was very much a hormonal heterosexuality boy. Trying to empress the girl. So, I went home to find out a little more about this “Mac Daddy.” Well, I cut the T.V. on to the box (in my house we had a knob that you had to turn all the way to channel 54…LOL) and there I saw Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith doing their thing in the snow with backwards Baseball Jerseys and backwards Levi jeans.

The Box was a station where viewers had to pay to play the video they wanted to see and booooyyyy where people requesting that video all day long for months. Needless to say I got educated but, I didn’t get the girl.

It’s said that Mac Daddy is no longer with us as of May 1st, 2013. The investigation as to what exactly cause his death at age 34 is still underway.

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly will be missed. I never read or heard of any GARBAGE about him in the mainstream media. No drugs. No sex tapes. No bankruptcy. No lawsuits.

Now I work from home and every once and while I get on spotify and pull up some oldies but, goodies from KRISS KROSS like Jump, Warm It Up, The BOMB, or I missed the Bus. Those where the days…I was 12 years old and full of testosterone. But, it was a wholesome time in my life.

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Here’s an old video interview of from 1999:

KRISS KROSS Totally KROSSED Out in 1992


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